Mallefowl hatchling around the mounds

‘Around the Mounds’ Now Online

The Spring 2017 edition of Around the Mounds, the National Malleefowl Recovery (NMR) Team’s newsletter, is now available for viewing and downloading from their website.

This edition includes an article on page 4 about recent survey work undertaken in and around the Little Desert National Park to identify and protect Malleefowl mounds (nests) from seasonal burns, understand the influence of fire on critical Malleefowl habitat and identify previously unrecorded mounds. Over 100 active mounds were identified and a great deal of valuable information recorded during the survey, which will be incorporated in future management plans for the Malleefowl in the Wimmera.

This year five healthy Malleefowl chicks hatched at The Sanctuary, the base for our Malleefowl captive breeding and recovery program.

You can meet one of our breeding pairs in this Youtube video