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Saving Threatened Desert Species

Many Australians may be unaware of the extinction crisis facing our wildlife, with 31% of Australia’s mammals and 14% of Australia’s birds extinct or critically threatened. Despite the efforts of communities, researchers, businesses and governments, Australia is the global leader in species extinction.

Providing a solution to desert species extinction

Conservation Volunteers and FAUNA Research Alliance are bringing together all our organisational skills and expertise to secure Australia’s most threatened species. Our new initiative, Rewilding the Desert, intends to secure the future of Australia’s threatened and endangered wildlife, and elevate Australia as a global leader in species conservation and research.

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Conservation Volunteers and FAUNA Research Alliance are passionately committed to ensuring the survival of Australia’s unique wildlife through:

  • Reintroducing unique wildlife species to their original habitat and location
  • Building a renowned desert conservation center
  • Working within and beyond sanctuaries and reserves to recreate functional desert ecosystems
  • Nurturing an engaged community, dedicated to growing and sharing open source evidence-based knowledge
  • Building a hub of participatory, hands-on learning that purposefully connects people with nature

Read more about the Rewilding initiative and find out how you can get involved