Little Pygmy-Possum at Little Desert Nature Lodge blog

A little spare change for a Little Pygmy-possum

She might look more sleepy than wild, but this nocturnal Little Pygmy-possum, captured during our third Little Desert wildlife monitoring season, and nicknamed Matilda, is conserving energy for the coming night and her never ending hunt for food. Weighing in at only 4.5 grams (no more than a dice), Matilda needs to feed as much as she can in the lead up to the breeding season.


Matilda strip

Left: Little Pygmy-possum Centre: Silky mouse Right: Western Pygmy-possum

As spring weather warms Victoria’s Little Desert, Little Pygmy-possums and other native animals are becoming more active, making this a perfect time to undertake wildlife monitoring for our Rewilding the Desert initiative, focused on restoring desert environments and bringing back locally extinct wildlife to the Little Desert.

Using humane catch and release methods and supervised by our experienced ecologists, our volunteer citizen scientists count, measure, record and safely release mammals, reptiles and invertebrates, and record data on vegetation, soils and habitat. Wildlife monitoring is the most effective way to get a clear picture of the state of the desert ecosystem and the species that live in it, essential information for Rewilding the Desert.

Help our Little Pygmy-possum, Matilda

You can be part of Rewilding the Desert and protecting Matilda’s habitat by donating to Conservation Volunteers Australia. Your donation will go towards creating protected and restored desert habitats, giving wildlife like Matilda room to thrive.


Rewilding the Desert
brings together FAUNA Research Alliance’s scientific expertise, Conservation Volunteers’ experience in engaging volunteers in hands-on conservation activities at Little Desert Nature Lodge, our conservation hub for nature-based learning and experiencing the unique environments of the region.

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