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Rewilding the Desert

FAUNA Research Alliance LogoIn early 2016 Conservation Volunteers Australia entered the rewilding arena with the Rewilding the Desert program.  Together with the FAUNA Research Alliance we are working to rewild Australia’s deserts, starting with our properties in the Wimmera region of Western Victoria.

Our five core goals are:

  1. Reintroducing wildlife to bring Australian wildlife back from the brink
  2. Building a renowned desert conservation centre
  3. Working across the landscape to recreate functional desert ecosystems
  4. Nurturing an engaged community dedicated to sharing knowledge
  5. Creating a hub of participatory, hands-on learning

The Rewilding the Desert initiative brings together FAUNA Research Alliance’s scientific expertise, Conservation Volunteers’ experience in engaging volunteers in hands-on conservation activities, and Little Desert Nature Lodge as a hub for nature-based learning and experiencing the region.

As part of Rewilding the Desert, we will be exploring the reintroduction and management of species including:

  • Western quoll (vulnerable)
  • Spot-tailed quoll (endangered)
  • Red-tailed black cockatoo (endangered)
  • Malleefowl (vulnerable)
  • Numbat (vulnerable)
  • Red-tailed phascogale (endangered)
  • Western barred bandicoot (endangered)
  • Bilby (vulnerable)
  • Burrowing Bettong (vulnerable)
  • Brush-tailed Bettong (endangered)

(Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) listing is shown in brackets.)

Watch this video to learn more about Rewilding the Desert:

Get Involved

You can get involved in conserving Australia’s unique wildlife. The community and volunteers are an integral part of Rewilding and the Little Desert Nature Lodge experience.  We provide hands-on opportunities for learning that purposefully connect people with nature, and opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to conservation outcomes in the region.

Be inspired, take action, learn – we make it easy for you to connect with nature.

To get involved and make a difference get in touch

To check out our latest volunteer opportunities at Little Desert Nature Lodge and across Australia visit Conservation Volunteers Australia.


Our “Rewilding the Desert” project and other conservation initiatives will contribute to the protection and survival of at least 12 nationally threatened species but we need your help to make this happen! Please donate here and help us save Australia’s unique flora and fauna.