To fully appreciate the wonders of the Little Desert you can take part in a range of activities that we offer.  Pre bookings are suggested, and subject to availability.

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Little Desert Discovery

Join Conservation Volunteers and Parks Victoria make a big difference at Little Desert! Work closely with Parks Rangers on critical projects, learn about the endangered Mallefowl recovery program and encounter a range of native wildlife species at the Little Desert Sanctuary. You will be captivated by the breathtaking views from Mt Arapiles and learn more about the local Aboriginal culture. Discover the best that the region has to offer on this quintessential Little Desert experience.

4 day program departs Melbourne

  • from $615 per person
  • Group rate (10 people) available on request
  • all inclusive


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Located on the Lodge property, the Malleefowl Aviary is the only captive breeding program for Malleefowl in Victoria. Observe the birds as they work on their huge incubation mounds, constructed from leaf-litter, sticks and sand. The guided tour of the aviary takes between 30-45 minutes, incorporating a nature trail along the way, where examples of native Little Desert Flora and Fauna can be observed.

  • Adults: $30.00 1-2 people $15 per person extra

Closed on total fire ban days, Christmas Day & New Years Day.

Malleefowl Discovery

Our  Malleefowl Sanctuary provides a rare opportunity to see the endangered birds in the wild. Over the years, a unique relationship has been established with the breeding birds such that they can be observed at very close-hand. This is quite remarkable considering these are usually one of the shyest and most elusive birds in the Australian bush. Along with Malleefowl, the sanctuary’s pristine Mallee-broombush habitat is home to a number of sought-after bird species, including Southern Scrub-Robin and Shy Heathwren – a must for any avid birdwatcher (click here to go to the birdwatching page).

Malleefowl Sanctuary Tour.  2 - 3 hours.

  • 1 - 2 people - $130.00
  • $65 per person extra
  • Group rate (10 people) available on request

 Nocturnal Wildlife Encounter

Take a night walk to see nocturnal creatures of the bush including Sugar Gliders (pictured), Brush-tailed Bettongs and Bush-stone Curlews. Listen in amazement as our guides interpret the many sounds of the night such as Boobook Owls, Nightjars, Bats and Banjo Frogs (45 minutes).

  • Adults: $30.00 1-2 people  $15 per person extra

Gift vouchers available for tours, accommodation & meals - please ask our team to tailor a gift voucher to suit your needs.


Private guided tours are available on request and are subject to availability.  Please speak to one of our friendly team to discuss your needs.  Prices on application.


The Lodge property contains a number of nature trails, taking in a variety of native vegetation. Trails are marked with numbered posts, which identify the plant species that you encounter along the way. Trails also lead from the lodge into the adjacent National Park and connect onto the Lodge Loop (2.15 km), Stringybark Loop (1 km) and Stringybark Walk (1km). For the truly adventurous walker, the Lodge can be the start or end point for the impressive Desert Discovery Walk (84 km, 3 days), which incorporates much of the eastern section of the Little Desert National Park, through to the Wimmera River at Dimboola. We can arrange drop-offs and pick-ups at various spots in the Little Desert National Park, so that bushwalkers can tailor a route to suit their own level of fitness and experience.

Environmental Studies

As part of our environmental education facilities at the Lodge we are undertaking a number of research programmes, aimed at understanding more about our local wildlife.