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Rewilding the Desert is an ambitious project aimed at bringing back Australia’s threatened wildlife from the brink of extinction, placing Australia as a global leader in species conservation and research and along the way create an oasis for wildlife in the Little Desert.

Rewilding is a relatively new concept in conservation biology.  Essentially, the aim is reintroducing or rewilding lost species back into the landscape they once inhabited, helping restore missing ecosystem functions and improving the overall health and sustainability of the environment.

Rewilding the Desert is a joint venture with FAUNA Research Alliance which will reintroduce locally extinct species back into Conservation Volunteers predator proof enclosures. With the help of wildlife research experts from FAUNA Research Alliance we’ve developed a scientifically rigorous monitoring program, to be delivered by community and volunteers, which will help demonstrate the positive impacts rewilding can have on an ecosystem.

Help us reintroduce quolls, bettongs, numbats and bilbies back into the Little Desert Region.


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The unique and diverse natural environment of the Little Desert paired with accommodation amenities of our Nature Lodge make it the perfect destination for environmental researchers.  Research is playing an important role in the “Rewilding the Desert” initiative to compliment and advance the baseline monitoring program being delivered by volunteers.  To find out more about the research talk to the team at FAUNA Research Alliance or our team at the Lodge. Contact us to find out more



Habitat 141
Little Desert Nature Lodge is the spiritual and geographic home of Habitat 141, a long term initiative to protect, restore and reconnect the iconic landscapes along the SA and Victorian borders to the NSW rangelands. Its vision is to “work with communities to conserve, restore and connect habitats for plants and wildlife from the ocean to the outback”.

Get Involved

You can get involved in conserving Australia’s unique wildlife. The community and volunteers are an integral part of Rewilding and the Little Desert Nature Lodge experience.  We provide hands-on opportunities for learning that purposefully connect people with nature, and opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to conservation outcomes in the region.

Be inspired, take action, learn – we make it easy for you to connect with nature.

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To check out our latest volunteer opportunities at Little Desert Nature Lodge and across Australia visit Conservation Volunteers Australia.


Our “Rewilding the Desert” project and other conservation initiatives will contribute to the protection and survival of at least 12 nationally threatened species but we need your help to make this happen! Please donate here and help us save Australia’s unique flora and fauna.